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Refurbished Laptops

You can see the difference in quality of a corporate grade, Refurbished Laptop.  We take special care to ensure that our Refurbished Laptops are in a near new condition. Our testing procedures for laptops are one the most stringent and detailed in the industry.  From the LCD screen to the battery all of our laptops are individually tested to ensure you are 100% happy with the product you receive.  All Refurbished Laptops are packaged in our proprietary designed, Laptop shipping box which will protect the computer and ensure you receive the laptop in the same pristine condition that we guarantee at our Refurbishing Centre.

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Refurbished Desktops

Expect to be pleasantly surprised with the Refurbished PC you purchase from us.  Whether for business or home use, our Corporate Grade, Small Footprint PCs are durable, solid performers in a small, convenient size.  We thoroughly test every Refurbished system to ensure the PC is free from functional or physical damage so you can enjoy a ‘Like New’ experience with our product.  All Refurbished PCs are packaged in our proprietary designed, system packaging to ensure you receive the PC in the same pristine condition that we guarantee at our Refurbishing Centre.

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Refurbished Monitors

We do our diligence to ensure the Refurbished LCD Monitors we sell are in absolute ‘Like New’ condition.  Our testing procedures screen for all types of discolorations, imperfections, and screen nicks and scratches to ensure the monitor you receive is in 100% perfect viewing condition.  All LCD Monitors are boxed in our proprietary, LCD box complete with proper power adapters and cables.

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Refurbished Cell Phones

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Refurbished Printers

We are one of the few industry refurbishers that will process and sell corporate grade, Refurbished Laser printers as well as HP Factory Refurbished and Open Box printers subject to availability.  All of our printers are individually boxed or crated depending on size and usually shipped on a pallet to ensure safe transport.  We take great care in refurbishing our printers carefully testing all consumables, replacing worn or problematic parts, and providing full toner with every unit.

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Cheap Computer Accessories

You will find in this category all of the extra accessories to go along with your refurbished laptop or refurbished PC.  Whether it be keyboard / mouse, webcam, laptop bag, or mouse pad you will find we carry new, refurbished, and open box options to suit every budget and preference.

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