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Compugen IT Financing

Compugen IT Financing

  • Operating & Capital Leases, covering hardware, software, services
  • Strong re-marketing yields better rates and more-flexible terms
  • Comprehensive services make lease transition easy and inexpensive
  • Vendor independence leaves you free to choose best-of-breed solutions
  • Convenient, one-stop shopping for complete IT asset lifecycle services
  • Lease non-technology assets such as furniture and capital equipment
  • Free subscription to Web-based Compugen eMerge lease/asset management tool

Compugen Finance offers technology leases with competitive rates and terms to meet your financial needs.

If you're already a Compugen IT solution or services customer, then working with Compugen Finance will yield significant convenience benefits for your organization. Your hardware, software and services supplier will now be able to finance your IT solution as well, giving you a one-stop-shopping partner that knows your environment thoroughly and can act proactively in making technology recommendations that include financing.

If you're not a Compugen customer, Compugen Finance can meet your needs for a technology lease that's right for your organization.

Compugen Finance is independent of any technology vendor, so we can finance any mix of hardware and/or software technologies from any vendor. This gives you greater flexibility than you might get with a lease offered by a vendor's leasing company whose terms may favour their own technology. And by being able to include services in your lease, your budget will go further, so you'll be able to utilize more services such as installation and other professional services.